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ROX Hypertension

The ROX® COUPLER is a small vascular implant for patients with Stage 2, treatment-resistant, Hypertension. The COUPLER is placed during the FLOW Procedure and is performed by a physician in a standard cardiac catheterization lab. The procedure takes about one hour and does not require sedation. Individuals who receive the COUPLER may achieve a reduction in their systolic and diastolic blood pressure. During the procedure, the ROX® COUPLER is placed between an artery and vein in the pelvic area to create an anastomosis – a passage through which blood can flow. This anastomosis, or passage, reduces the peripheral vascular resistance and may lower arterial blood pressure in hypertensive patients.

Not all individuals are good candidates for the FLOW Procedure. The FLOW Procedure requires your heart to adapt somewhat – as when you begin an exercise program – and your heart needs to be healthy enough for this change.

Please consult with your doctor regarding the potential benefits and side effects of the FLOW PROCEDURE, how these might affect you, and whether the ROX® COUPLER is the right choice for the management of your resistant Hypertension.